While you're away..........Vacation Workout

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Edition 2

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Yes, yes it's vacation season and you definitely deserve a long peaceful break, but it doesn't mean you can't workout just a little.

Below is a simple and effective bodyweight exercise routine anyone can do anywhere at anytime.

  • 15 Minute Workout (Repeat it twice for extra credit)

  • Each exercise is 45 Seconds with a 15 Seconds rest/transition to the next exercise

Featuring our very own trainers Kevin and Emilie!

1. Jumping Jacks

Start in a standing position with feet together and jump your feet out and in while raising arms overhead and back down. Repeat for 45 Seconds.

2. Inch Worms

Start in standing position, roll down and walk your hands out to a long arm plank. Walk your hands back to feet and roll back up to starting position. Repeat for 45 Seconds.

3. High Knees

Run in place quickly bringing your knees above your hip bone each time. Repeat for 45 Seconds.

4. Bodyweight Squats

Start with feet hip-width or a little wider. Bend knees like your sitting in a chair all while maintaining a lower back curve (arch) and not bending from the hips too much. Lower down so your thighs are as parallel to the floor as possible, with your knees over your ankles. Press your weight back into your heels. Repeat for 45 seconds. 

5. Push Ups

Start in a long arm plank position with shoulders and wrist in line. Bend elbows at a 45-degree angle and bring chest as close to the floor as possible without your hips dipping down. Come back up to starting position. Exercise can be taken to knees or done on an incline to modify. Repeat for 45 Seconds.

6. Butterfly Sit Ups

Start by lying down on your back with hips and knees in butterfly (open) position. Using your long arms, sit up to a seated straight back position with hands on ankles. Repeat for 45 Seconds.

7. Lateral Skates

Start by standing and bending one leg while bringing other leg slightly off the floor. Leap to the other side in lateral (side to side) direction landing on opposite foot. Try to leap at least 3 feet. Keep lower back curve (arch) trying not to bend from the hips. Focus up and go as fast as you can as if you have hot coals underneath your feet. Repeat for 45 Seconds.

8. Robots

Start in long arm plank and go down to elbow plank keeping hips as still as possible. Come back up to starting position and alternate to other side. Be sure to keep shoulders over your elbows and wrists in both the long arm and elbow plank position. Repeat for 45 Seconds. 

9. Squat Jacks

Start in standing position. Jump to wide squat touching one or two arms to the floor. Jump back together like a jumping jack to starting position. Keep low back arch. Do not bend from the hips. Fight to keep your chest and focus up. Repeat for 45 Seconds.

10. Side Plank (RIGHT)

Lie on your side and place elbow, hips, and ankles in one line. Lift hips off the floor. Keep shoulder over elbow extending the opposite arm up to the air. Hold for 45 Seconds. 

11. Side Plank (LEFT)

Lie on your side and place elbow, hips, and ankles in one line. Lift hips off the floor. Keep shoulder over elbow extending the opposite arm up to the air. Hold for 45 Seconds. 

12. Tricep Dips

Using a bench or steps, place hands behind your hips with knees bent or straight Bend elbows to a 90-degree angle while lowering your hips to the floor. Press down into the bench to straighten your elbows back to starting position. Keep your shoulders down as you lower and raise your body. Repeat for 45 Seconds. 

13. Alternating Opposite Limb Reach

Start by lying on your back. One arm out to the side and other arm directly behind you. Raise arm behind your head to opposite foot. Make sure you are bringing your torso off the ground to meet your foot. Alternate side to side for 45 Seconds. 

14. Superhero Pulses

Start by lying on your stomach with feet and legs pressed together and arms in 'V' like position. Raise upper and lower body off the ground keeping elbows and knees straight. Hold for one second at the top and lower back down to starting position. Repeat for 45 seconds. 

15. Squat Thrusts

Start in standing position, place hands to the floor with knees slightly bent, pop feet out to long arm plank position, jump back to squat position with hands on the ground and stand to starting position. Repeat for 45 Seconds.