Client Spotlight Kaia and Rex Miller

Grassroots Gazette

Edition 2

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Meet Caroline (Kaia) and Rex Miller


Kaia (14) and Rex (11) have been training at Grassroots since 2012.

Kaia is in 9th Grade at The Churchhill School. She loves nature and rock climbing. Her spare time is spent on creating new things and working on projects. Kaia was in a gallery show in Chelsea and her photographs were praised by Adam Gopnik in The New Yorker.

Rex is in 5th grade and attends The Cathedral School. He enjoys spending time with friends. He loves introducing retro video games to adults who remember the games from their past. His favorite night is movie night on Saturday with Dad. Rex once found a diamond ring on the Shelter Island Ferry. After 3 years, nobody claimed it from the police station and Rex got to keep it!

Rex and Kaia’s Mom and Dad are born and raised New Yorkers. They met when Emily was 15 and John was 23. Long story short, they were married in 2002. Kaia was born in NYC, but was moved to LA with her parents when she was 4 weeks old. Rex was born 3 ½ years later right after the family moved to DC. They returned to NYC in 2012 and have no intention of leaving.

Favorite Food:

·       Kaia - Sushi 

·       Rex - Cheeseburger from Lexington Candy Shop

Favorite past time:

·       Kaia - Creating things

·       Rex - Collecting and playing retro video games 

Favorite exercise:

·       Kaia - Rock climbing or Hiking 

·       Rex - Tubing / Biking