What’s the Right Way to Eat?

In a world where a new diet is thrown in your face every 10 seconds it can be hard to know what the “right” way to eat is. As a student at NYU studying Nutrition and Dietetics, all of my professors remind me that with the current nutrition science constantly evolving, there is no one “right” way to eat and no one diet that will solve everyone’s issues. We can get so caught up in the latest fad diets such as keto, gluten free, weight watchers (somehow that’s still around?), and countless others. I’m sure you could name a handful; all the ones you’ve seen (and tried) that seem SO successful and finally feel like the ANSWER to those last 10 pounds, or to finally feel healthy. 

I find that the problem with diets is that at the end of the road, no matter how you look at it, we all just want to be happy with how we feel and look. Diets don’t provide us with that. Sure, for awhile they work, but long term studies show that after 5+ years, weight is gained back, and usually more than what is lost. We’re all trying our best be healthy, yet we compromise our mental health by turning our food to calories, and equating our happiness to the number on the scale or size of our waist. 

My nutritional philosophy eliminates diets and fully supports your health first. Physical and mental health. I know that when you go on a diet you definitely are not having the time of your life, it’s exhausting having to watch/measure/count everything you eat! If mental health is compromised then you will never be satisfied with your physical state. The more restrictions placed on what you eat causes more and more stress which is why I love and support intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is all about trusting your body and learning the hunger/satisfaction cues we all forgot when food rules were shoved down our throats. When you eat intuitively, there are no “bad” foods or “cheat” meals, and you begin to let go of feeling guilty for eating certain foods. Intuitive eating also promotes ditching diets and letting go of weight goals or wanting to look a certain way, instead, you truly begin to learn to connect with what foods you enjoy eating and how certain foods makes you feel. It’s not as charming as a “lose 10 pounds quick!” diet, but it’s the one that will give you the real happiness and freedom you’re looking for in those weight loss programs. 

With love,