Community Outreach: GRFP Gives Back

We are heading to For His Children (FHC) in Quito, Ecuador!

In less than a week we will be volunteering and running a week-long half-day English Language camp for the children of the Tias (caregivers). Our dear friend and strong woman Candice Braun invited us to join her on this journey and we are so excited to bring our children along for this special experience. The camp will consist of four sessions each day: fitness, art, science and creative snack-tivity. We will have a Lion King/animal themed-week and there will be a dramatic performance/puppet show.

Candice is a leader in supporting For His Children (FHC) and has traveled to Quito many times. Besides volunteering her time Candice raises money and sponsorships for children at FHC. We'd like to contribute to FHC however we can and would love your help to make this camp be successful. If you feel compelled to contribute, please click here. There are camp supplies starting at $5.00 on this list. Most everything is Amazon Prime, so would arrive within two days. We would need the items to arrive by Saturday, if arriving later, please bring to Grassroots.

Another great source of income to FHC has been regular and quite popular yard sales at FHC which are open to the community. Gently used US brands of clothing (kid and adult sizes) are big money-makers. If you have any clothing items to donate of brands those in Ecuador would recognize (think Adidas, Nike, GAP, etc.), bring them to Grassroots addressed to Heather or Wil’s attention. We are NOT taking huge bags of clothing with us, so please just drop off one or two items you think would be fabulous for the sale/s.

With gratitude,

Heather and Wil