Client Spotlight- Red Katz

Client Spotlight

August 5th, 2018

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Full Name (s) – Red Katz

Age- 54

Years at Grassroots- 3? Not sure

Favorite Food- Pizza..DUH!

Favorite past time- 5 rhythms dancing.

Favorite exercise- When Wil tells me to get on the table
to stretch… oh and 5 rhythms dancing. 

A little blurb about you…..

Write below:
I’m a born and bred New Yorker. I have 3 wonderful young adult children and my
youngest Zoe works out at Grassroots!
Love hanging out with my kids, Citibiking around NYC and giving motivational
speeches around the country. guessed it..I’m an author ( Live Your
YOUlogy), speaker and I LOVE helping people overcome their self-imposed
obstacles and achieve success.
My chiropractor suggested I meet with Wil and we fell in love after my first visit to Grassroots. The rest was history. 

Red with daughter Zoe

Red with daughter Zoe