Client Spotlight - Roxanne Elings and Roscoe Elings-Haynie

Client Spotlight

August 19th, 2018

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Full Name (s) – Roxanne Elings and Roscoe Elings-Haynie

Age-59 and 17

Years at Grassroots-Roscoe (Almost 4 Years) Roxanne (3 years)

Favorite Food-Roscoe: Pizza (said it very quickly); Roxanne (atmosphere is more important, eating fish tacos on the beach, or pasta in Italy, all good, although given my gluten intolerance, I cannot really eat pasta)

Favorite past time- Roscoe: climbing; Roxanne: gardening, reading, beach

Favorite exercise-Roscoe: La Sierra; Roxanne: at GRFP, the stretching and yoga. Also enjoying running.


A little blurb about you…..

Written by Roxanne Elings

Roxanne is originally from Iowa and has been in NY for over 30 years. Roscoe is a born and bred NY’er.

We first heard of Grassroots through a friend who knew Roscoe loved to climb, touting their climbing wall. Roscoe was very interested in increasing his strength and we had previously been turned down by another gym because he was not 18. Grassroots had an age-appropriate program for him and he was thrilled. Wil has become a part of his village of adults to whom he looks up to and enjoys being with! Roscoe has since upped his climbing skills both indoors and outside on rock climbing as challenging as 5.12! His love for physical activity doesn’t end there. He races double black diamond on skis, plays baseball, judo and several other martial arts, fencing, bicycling (of course only fast) and lately parkour. 

In an effort to gain back strength from the years of raising young children and a full-time job as an attorney (which means work never really stops, even while on vacation or in the evenings), Roxanne approached Grassroots to see if they took out-of-shape older women, and of course, they did! It’s embarrassing, but when I began, my jump roping skills were nonexistent and arm and core strength as well! From being relatively fit through law school and kids, I had lost so much.  GRFP handled this with encouragement, grace and always challenging exercises. Today, I am back to climbing, running (training for the marathon), riding my bike around the City, yoga and always improving my skiing!

GFRP has in a way brought this family closer… mom can continue to (sort of) compete with her growing son. Of course Roscoe’s sister was also part of the GFRP family until she went to college, but she also climbs, hikes and runs on occasion. Their dad is always game for skiing, climbing, and hiking unless he is playing golf!