Client Spotlight - Wyatt Mollod

Client Spotlight- Wyatt Mollod

June 24th, 2018

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1. Full Name (s) – Wyatt Mollod

2. Age - 6 years old

3. Years at Grassroots - 4 months

4. Favorite Food - Roasted Romanesco and Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cups

5. Favorite past time -  When Wyatt isn’t working out at Grassroots, he likes playing Truck School with his sister where he pretends to teach his toy trucks reading, math, and Spanish.

6. Favorite exercise - The climbing wall at Grassroots Fitness Project and swimming


A little blurb about Wyatt......


Wyatt is about to finish Kindergarten at PS 87, a NYC public school on the Upper West Side where he lives with his mom, dad, and sister Veronica.  Last year in Pre-Kindergarten, Wyatt started receiving Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy.  While he was making progress, his kindergarten teacher still was concerned that he was slouching, got tired easily, and he lacked stamina.  She made several accommodations for him in the classroom as she was concerned that he was going to struggle in first grade without extra support.  He is in the Dual-Language program where the days are split between English and Spanish and because he is taken out of class so often for services, the teachers weren’t sure if continuing in the Dual-Language program would be the right fit for him.  Determined to give him the same opportunity that his sister had, his mom and dad decided to keep him in the D-L program in first grade and to supplement the services he was receiving in school with personal training sessions at Grassroots.  Things quickly changed for Wyatt and within a few months, his teacher and service providers were all telling his parents it was like they were working with a different kid.  Wyatt progressed so quickly that his Physical Therapist is planning to graduate him from PT and his teacher no longer uses special devices to accommodate his slouching and lack of stamina.  Wyatt loves coming to Grassroots and working with the trainers.  He has gained a great deal of confidence and when it was time for his 6th birthday, he couldn’t wait to have it at Grassroots so he could show his friends what he was working on and so they could try it out too.