Client Spotlight - Judy Kallick

Client Spotlight

June 10th, 2018

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Full Name  - Judith Kallick

Age - 54

Years at Grassroots- 10 years ago.

Favorite Food- dark chocolate truffles and champagne.

Favorite past time-  Traveling and exploring new places. Wherever I am, I love to walk – through woods, beaches, deserts, neighborhoods, communities – anywhere the sun is shining.

Favorite exercise- A Grassroots HIIT class, of course! Yoga is a close second.


A little blurb about you…..

written by Judy Kallick

I grew up in Connecticut where I played sports and was outside all the time. Also, growing up I was curious about other cultures and environments. As an adult, I work with people from different backgrounds by facilitating organizational reflection, innovation and motivation to affect social change. I feel so fortunate to witness the strength, courage, commitment and connection of these people across the world.

We found GRFP for my son about 11 years ago, and then I tried it the next year and was hooked! Some years earlier, I had struggled with a debilitating Lupus flare-up. As the expert GRFP trainers motivated and coached me, I learned to trust my body again and began to enjoy their mental and physical challenges – from pull-ups and fence jumps to rock climbing and trapeze flying.  

I have also been inspired by GRFP’s expansive approach to health. Beyond workouts, they have exposed me to exceptional practitioners outside of their studio who have contributed profoundly to my ever-evolving journey. And my heart opens wider at each powerful GRFP community event.

The Grassroots Fitness Project is somewhere I love to go to recharge and reconnect with my own strength, courage, commitment and community. I am deeply grateful!

Picture of Judy with son Josh (also a client at GRFP)