Client Spotlight - Charlie, Zachary and Rosie Manzano

Client Spotlight

Edition 7

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Full Name (s) – Charlie Manzano, Rosie Manzano, Zachary Manzano

Age - 13, 11, 10

Years at Grassroots - 3ish

Favorite Food - Fish Tacos (C),  Gummy Worms (Z) and Indian Food (R)

Favorite past time - They all love Reading – Music, Singing and Acting are big parts of Rosie’s and Charlie’s lives – Zachary likes watching Science Shows like Nova and Space Time on PBS and also likes playing games on the IPAD.

 Favorite exercise - La Sierra!!!! 

 A little blurb about you…..

All these kids are homegrown New Yorkers, west siders through and through, but born at Cornell Hospital on East Side.  They came from Jordana’s belly.

*College/School attended or attending – Boys are at York Prep in 6th and 7th grades (previously at Stephen Gaynor) and Rosie is at Rodeph Sholom in 4th grade.

*Activities – Rosie does Gymnastics, Takes Guitar, Piano, Trumpet and Voice Lessons; Charlie takes Piano and Voice; they all take Hip Hop Classes once a week.  They also all ski and we recently went to Whistler for a ski holiday.

*Interesting story – We all just recently returned from Israel where Charlie celebrated his Bar Mitzvah – a big family group came along and we saw the entire country, including Petra in Jordan. See photo.


*Family – includes Parents, Jordana and David as well as two doggies, Teddy and Mysty. (See photo.) David is also a client at GRFP and his favorite exercises include the Bulgarian Split Squat and Rower.