Client Spotlight - Zoë and Noah Wu Fried

Client Spotlight

July 22nd, 2018

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(In Noah and Zoe's own words)

Name - Zoë Wu Fried

Age -200 (billion). I guess that would make me around 16 in human years.

Years at Grassroots - 3.5?

Favorite Food - Poké or pasta

Favorite Activities - Reading. And sleeping.

Favorite Exercise - If you're looking for a particular move, then either bosu ball squats or battle ropes.

Where are you originally from -  A lot of places, actually. My mother's parents both immigrated from Taiwan, and on my father's side, I am Ashkenazi Jewish, Iranian, Dutch, French, English, Scottish, and Welsh.

School - Bard High School Early College - Manhattan

Activities -  I am a violinist, and I recently started taking voice lessons, so, I guess I'm kind of a singer now, too? I'm also on my school's QuizBowl team.

Family - My mom, my dad, my two younger siblings, my two pet guinea pigs, and my sister's pet gecko-- but he's kind of estranged. We don't really talk anymore.

Job - Currently unemployed



Name - Noah Wu Fried

Age -13

Years at Grassroots - Slightly more than 3 years.

Favorite Food - Water.

Favorite Activities - Watching “The Office”

Favorite Exercise -.Rope swing

Originally From - New York

More About Noah: When not at Grassroots, I enjoy playing my cello in an orchestra, building computers, and following current events. One thing I find disgusting is boiled hot dogs.

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