Client Spotlight Amelia Wieland

Grassroots Gazette

Edition 5

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Written by Amelia Wieland

My name is Amelia, I’m in seventh grade and I have been at Grassroots for three years now. I’ve been playing piano since before I can remember since my parents are both pianists.  The discipline of learning an instrument ties into Grassroots, where focus and organization help build strength, coordination, and exercise. Recently, I had the opportunity to assist a toddler class at Grassroots, which has been a great life experience.  I have learned to teach skills that I learned from Grassroots trainers and interact with the trainers as an assistant and with a class of young children. My dad is American, and my mom is Chinese, so I speak fluent Mandarin. Whenever I have school off, I’m usually heading toward rural Long Island, to visit my grandparents. I love to sit in the garden or relax on the lawn at any hour.  Sometimes I run in Long Island and do the exercises I learned from Heather and the other trainers. I also love to read, sew, organize, craft, and spend time with my friends and family. 


 1. Full Name (s) – Amelia Wieland

2. Age- 13

3. Years at Grassroots- 3

4. Favorite Food- chicken soup

5. Favorite past time- reading

6. Favorite exercise- obstacle courses