Trainer Spotlight! Emilie's favorite Pilates Move!


Grassroots Gazette

Edition 1

March 3rd, 2018


Pilates extraordinaire, Emilie Battle, tells us all about her favorite Pilates exercise 

From Emilie herself......

I love 'Teaser' because it incorporates every element of Pilates in one challenging exercise (Control, Breath, Strength and Flexibility). There are many progressions for Teaser so it's a great exercise whether you're a beginner or advanced. Here's how to do it:


1.) Start seated with knees bent, both feet on the floor and arms extended in front of you so they're in line with the shoulders

2.) Take an inhale as you lengthen through your spine to prepare. On the exhale roll the upper body down to the floor, vertebrae by vertebrae. 

3.) Once your head makes contact with the floor let the arms float back by to your ears as you inhale

4.) On the exhale, tuck the chin and float the upper body off the floor, reaching your arms past your knees

5.) Inhale lengthen through your spine and then repeat 4-6 times


1.) Started seated with knees bent, one foot on the floor and the opposite foot lifted off the floor. The knee of the elevated foot can be bent or lengthened as long as both knees are on the same plane and can remain there for the rest of the exercise.

**Repeat the rest of the exercise as described for beginners 4-6 reps with the right leg elevated and then again on the left**


1.) Start seated with knees bent, feet on the floor. One at a time lift the feet off the floor. Knees can either be bent or lengthened for more of a challenge.

**Repeat the rest of the exercise as described for beginners 4-6 reps without touching the feet to the floor between reps**