A Word From The Owner

Don’t Give Fitness The Cold Shoulder

By: Heather Gunn Rivera

70% of all people who start a #fitness routine quit. 

October is hard. 

The weather starts to change, year end obligations start to ramp up. 

This is when it counts. 

Don’t wait for January to make a #resolution. Instead make January your goal in staying #consistent and #committed to your #fitnessproject, so that you can set a different set of #goals for the new year!

If you are looking to maintain a routine that makes you move 3x per week is encouraged. 

If want to #makeadifference, then you should create a #workout schedule of 4-6 days per week. 

Of course the programs vary depending on goals, but #strengthtraining should be 3x per week, minimum. 

Focusing on the majority of your program being cardiovascular, will actually take you further away from your goals. 

While an important part of #health and fitness, too much cardio sets our body in an automatic maintain mode. 


Nature! Survival!

Our bodies have not changed that much from when we were having to  walk many miles for our next meal, and then not knowing when our next meal would be. 

Our bodies are programmed to store what it “thinks” we need (fat) and burn what we don’t need (sugar). So, when we are performing a strict cardio program, our body holds onto the things we are working so hard to get rid of!!!

Yes, you are burning calories during the workout, but our metabolism will slow because it’s trying to preserve. The longer workouts also force our body to take sugars from where ever it can. So, if you are not strength training and building muscle, you don’t have anything to spare. 

And, your body wants to survive, so guess where it will start to pull what it needs from?

Your muscles and your bones. 

Yep. That’s as bad as it sounds. 

Strength training gives your body what it needs to sustain the cardio training, and, get this...

Not only do you burn calories during your strength workout, but also after!!!

Because muscle burns fat!!! Of course there is A LOT more behind all this, but you get the gist. 

Make October your starting month towards true change and a life long understanding of WHY we move and HOW you should be moving. 

At Grassroots we WANT you to understand. #knowledgeispower!

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