Meet Some Of GRFP'S Newest Trainers!


Meet Li…

PMA certified Pilates teacher and functional strength trainer

Li is a dancer, PMA certified Pilates teacher and functional strength trainer from Baltimore. He loves to incorporate Pilates principles and teaching methods in his strength training. His background includes butoh, aerial silks, weight lifting, dance improvisation, ballet, modern, and Pilates. Outside of training, Li loves soaking up the sun, books, attending concerts, and dancing!

Bryan Palma photo.jpg

Meet Bryan…

Bryan recently moved to New York from Toronto, Canada. He grew up playing competitive basketball and soccer. His love for team sports led him to becoming both a basketball and soccer coach. Bryan also loves running. He has completed multiple full and half marathons over the last ten years. After a few injuries, Bryan began to search for additional ways to strengthen his body and improve his overall fitness.

In his search, Bryan took his first CrossFit class in Toronto. He loved the energy from working out in a group, and the way every workout could be modified to meet the needs of the individual. He believes fitness should be accessible to anyone, regardless of their current fitness level. He is now a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and excitement for fitness with the Grassroots community!