We know it can be tough to maintain your own program at a traditional gym, and you may not get the attention you were hoping for from a group fitness class. At Grassroots Fitness Project, we offer both group fitness classes and personal training so you can choose the best combination for your fitness lifestyle. Our small group fitness classes will allow trainers to give you the attention you need to feel confident in every workout. If you want more one-on-one time to develop a skill or reach a goal, you can set up personal training sessions with anyone on our team of trainers.



Our approach to fitness is about building a foundation of movements that can be easily accessible to our members, regardless of their fitness level. By focusing on these movements, we can modify and progress our workouts to meet the needs of our members, whether they are looking to improve their general fitness or working on a specific fitness goal. Grassroots Fitness Project exists to be the conduit for your ideal lifestyle and for any fitness project you are working on.