About Zsuzsanna

Zsuzsanna is an experienced Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher (both registered with Yoga Alliance), and is currently earning her Meditation Teacher certification at the Nalada Institute for Contemplative Science. She has experience teaching all levels of yoga, from beginners to advanced practitioners, may it be gentle flow, restorative, or a more vigurous power flow.

Zsuzsanna grew up in Hungary and has travelled around the world before landing in NYC. She loves being outdoors, hiking, running marathons, and is a certified open water scuba diver. She enjoys helping others find their enjoyment in movement, and stay connected to what really matters both on and off the matt.

When not teaching yoga, Zsuzsanna is working as a project manager for a major corporate bank. She holds a masters degree from finance and spent 8 years in the financial industry working with clients and negotiating financial contracts. Currently she lives in Long Island City with her fiancé.