Heather Gunn Rivera



Heather Gunn Rivera has been the co-owner of Grassroots Fitness Project since 2004. Having had an extensive background in playing, coaching and reffing many sports, Heather knows what it's like to work hard, face obstacles, overcome adversity, encourage success and teach to the individual. Heather and her husband Wil, started Grassroots to make a difference in people's lives from the core, not the surface. Heather holds many personal training certifications and believes strongly in continuing education. She also holds specialty certifications in pre and post natal, group fitness, reiki and as a birth doula. Heather loves acting as an advocate for women and girls at all stages of life to find their inner happy and strength and there (she believes) they will find their true health. Heather and Wil believe in empowering all those who become a part of the GFRP family by educating each client on the why and how of fitness and wellness. They also strongly believe in keeping their staff in the know which is why Heather created a trainers workout/education program that meets 2-3 times per week. This is an opportunity for trainers to ask questions, try out new movements and talk about the latest news in health. Heather is beyond proud to be serving the upper side for over 12 years and she looks forward to the next 12.


  •   AFFA Personal Training Cert and group fitness
  •   NASM Personal Training 
  •   ACE Pre and Post Natal Cert
  •   DONA International Doula Cert
  •   Reiki level 2 Cert