Chris moved to New York at the age of 17 from Norway, where he spent most of his teenage years. He was introduced to several sports at an early age, the first ones being downhill and cross-country skiing. He later joined a local swim team, and spent two years contending throughout the country. Chris also enjoyed being part of the local soccer team.

Although he loved spending most of his time training, competing in tournaments and being in cooperative sports environments, he did not love it as much as Parkour! Chris was introduced to parkour through his older brother Scott, and has been training parkour with him for almost 8 years. When he moved to New York he was quick to become a part of the parkour community, and has been teaching Parkour through GRFP since 2017. Chris is a strong believer in the Grassroots mission, which is to make a high quality personal training experience accessible to anyone, and help people achieve their personal fitness goals.