Tween and Teen Strength

Tween strength is a segue from our epic obstacle classes. The objective of the tween strength is to teach the foundational movements of an exercise using body weight only. Classes will be intimate in size so that attention to form can be prioritized.

Classes will also have an empowerment component which will be specific to the different needs of girls and boys. We understand that being gender neutral is important and welcome all that choose to identify as either gender into any of our classes.

The tween programming is set up to lead our tweens into our teen programming.

The teen programming will move on to lifting weights and getting strong for life.

At Grassroots we believe that our mind follows our body, and if we work to get our youth physically strong, then what they think about themselves and what they believe they can do, will follow.

In our tween/teen programming we aim to build a foundation of movement that will eventually become habits. We want movement to be for life in all of our clients, and in order to do that, we have to start young. Learning how to move your body everyday needs to start now, not when you go to college. Gaining the tools and the confidence of what to do and why needs to happen before they become adults. Participants will be asked to try things that they may not be good at, but will be reminded that everything worth getting takes time.

Support and encouragement from fellow participants will be encouraged and all successes (big and small) will be acknowledged.

Specific to the girls programming we aim to end the stereotypes that only boys are strong. We want to show girls/young women that being physically strong is possible and beautiful. Not everyone can be skinny, but everyone can be strong.

Strong is the NEW Skinny is our motto, that we hope to impart to many upcoming generations. We will also put an emphasis on the girls supporting each other and trusting one another.

Monday: Tween Girls (10-13) 5pm and Tween Boys (10-13) 515pm

Tuesday: Teen Boys (14 and up) 530pm and Teen Girls (14 and up) 530pm

Wednesday: Tween Boys (10-13) 6pm and Tween Girls (10-13pm) 430pm

Thursday: Teen Boys (14 and up) 530pm and Teen Girls (14 and up) 530pm