Group fitness with the individual in mind. Small classes. All levels welcome. Taught by personal trainers.

Every workout is designed to be challenging for any individual, while focusing on technique and safety. Our small classes of no more than 10 people per class allow us to assess and modify each individual for the best workout possible. Our instructors are also personal trainers, so you get the personal training experience in a group setting! What’s your fitness project?



HIIT is our signature class. Full body, functional movements including a combination of lower body, upper body, and core movements, all performed in short, high-intensity intervals. Equipment may include dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine, rower, jump rope, and plyometric boxes. This class is high-intensity and experience lifting weights is preferred, but not required.



Superset is our dynamic and inviting weight lifting class. Full body, functional strength movements including deadlifts, squats, pull-ups, and overhead press. Equipment may include barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and pull-up bar, box jumps, medicine balls, rower, pull-ups. If you are new to weight lifting, we recommend attending our Strength 101 class.