Rosie Mayfield has been playing sports her whole life. In high school she found her passion for running and has completed countless 5k races and multiple half marathons. But after a knee injury that resulted in Rosie not being able to run anymore, she turned to weightlifting. After training herself, she found her confidence and health improve immensely and wanted to help others achieve the same.

As an NASM certified trainer, Rosie loves to focus on movements that clients enjoy and helping them learn new skills to improve confidence and pride in themselves. She believes true health is not just about being “fit,” but includes all aspects of one’s life, and that anyone can practice healthy habits, regardless of where they are in their own journey. She also has been coaching kids for over 4 years and enjoys building team-working skills and confidence in movement. Rosie is a student in NYU’s Nutrition & Dietetics program and is training to become a Registered Dietitian and work in nutritional counselling, so she loves to talk about building healthy nutrition habits!