“6 Weeks to Strength” Learn to raise your own bar. 

Join our Women’s only strength Program and experience personal training in a small group setting. This program is designed as an immersion into the mind/body aspect of strength training using the power of community to support taking chances and encouraging success. Take a deep dive into the fundamental movements using Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, and Pulls to build the body and sharpen the mind for whatever your fitness project may be. Whether it be running, cycling, rock climbing or just lifting your kids without pain, this program benefits you. Load your body for six weeks and experience real change in your strength, core stability, flexibility and most importantly your mindset. 

This program provides the difference between training and “just working out”.

Women’s Strength is a collective of women who are willing to find, embrace and share their strength through voice and velocity and ultimately vulnerability.
— Heather Gunn Rivera



When I came to class for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I felt accountable, supported and value was placed on the support I can offer to others in class. If I'm going to show up, I want be seen fully and I want real connection to the people around me, otherwise I could use YouTube as my personal trainer which is boring and fairly joyless. So I guess my words/feelings are supported, accountable, valued and empowered. I feel safe to make mistakes and learn new things. It's clear that Grassroots attracts people with values similar to mine. Well done to you for creating and fostering such an environment.

I think Abby Wambach said it best, "Life is harder as a lone wolf."


First SUPPORTED: I know I won’t fail because the trainers and the other women are there for me

Second CONFIDENT: even if I struggle the first, second, thirtieth time, eventually I know will get it, and damn what an awesome feeling that is

Third TIGHT: I wiggle less. As simple as that

I am so thankful to be a part of this.


Women’s strength makes me feel supported, energized and empowered.


6 Weeks to Strength
"Learn to LIFT your Body up"

We are super stoked to offer a personal training program, in a class setting, to a women's only environment, centered around STRENGTH!
In order to do this we have broken the training year into 7 week blocks.

6 weeks will be focused on getting STRONG and the 7th week will be focused on recovery.
We have programmed in a way that will allow participants to come everyday, choose a few days, or drop in!
Of course the first two options are better, but we understand that this is a new concept for many of you, and getting you to come is our priority.
The first 6 weeks (September 3rd-October 13th) will be the same 1 week program repeated for 6 weeks. This allows the participant to get good at the movements we are asking them to perform. It also allows progress that one can easily see!

The Strength Focus will be:
Hip Strength ie, THE SQUAT.

The most primal move the body can perform is the squat, most movements stem from the squat.
However, due to our modern lifestyle, most of us are unable to truly perform a squat without limitations, compensations and pain somewhere in the body.

Wait! Are we JUST going to be working on Legs? NOPE!

A proficient squat requires a strong body, namely the posterior chain and core.

The whole body will be addressed with an isometric hold or upper body exercise super-setting the hip move in the strength portion. A series of push/pull movements will also be incorporated into the metabolic portion of the program.
We will also be moving the legs in different planes of motion and uni-lateral/bi-lateral positions. Mobility of the, ankles, knees, hips and shoulders will also be addressed.

To enhance the program we will also be extending FREE weekend workshops to those that are a part of the Women's STRENGTH Program.

Redefining what it means to be a woman and be STRONG, this class debunks the myth that lifting gets you "bulky".
Learn the deadlift, the clean and jerk, the kipping pull-up and many MORE! Take the time to perfect the basic push-up and squat, all in a female only environment.
This class is an opportunity for women to get vulnerable and support one another on moves that are most often associated as a "man's exercise".
Putting these technical moves into a program, performing them correctly and safely, while learning to lift and love your body is what this class is all about.
And, it doesn't hurt that nothing burns calories like muscle.


Check out the program and schedule on our website! Workshops will be announced shortly and you will be able to register via our website as well.

For specific questions please email (

Women’s Strength

6 Week Strength Program