This 90 minute class is invitation based and for kids (11 and up) who are interested in taking parkour to the next level. The focus of this class is to get kids competition ready. While competitions are few and far between for this developing sport. We will be trying to enter our kids into some parkour events during the semester.

Parkour is a discipline and form of movement that uses the principal patterns of movement. Running, Crawling, Climbing, Vaulting, Jumping and Landing are all things we as humans are inclined to do. Parkour allows people to take full advantage of their surroundings and repurpose public spaces to train and move in ways that liberate the mind and body.

Classes start with a basic warm up and involve dynamic stretches and mobility drills to increase range of motion for our jumping and landing sequences. After the warmup, we go into our conditioning and strength portion where we work on different methods of support holds and calisthenics, ending with plyometrics and a review of the landing continuum. Class will break down into stations where they will practice parkour techniques individually. The multiple stations will then be added into one large course and the children will apply the methods they worked on in smaller groups. Classes also involve games and teamwork to emphasize community and working together. Children will learn to overcome physical obstacles together and thru doing this they will have an easier time believing in themselves when faced with everyday situations.


  • Recommended not to miss more than 2 Classes

  • 2 Make-ups per semester. (Not guaranteed and contingent upon availability.)